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Just as the name suggests, a full face snorkel mask covers the entire face of the snorkeler from water and comes with a snorkel tube which enables the user to breathe.
What sets the full face snorkeling mask apart is the fact it lets the user have a clear view of the underwater world, it offers the users protection not just from water and cold it also boosts breathing security and some have space that lets the snorkeler communicate with those on the surface.
Full face masks, unlike an independent mouthpiece which you should always grab between your teeth, allow one to continue breathing from the mask naturally through both your mouth and or nose. You can read our write up of pros and cons of both the traditional snorkel mask and the new full face snorkel.
Before I show you how to attach the snorkel tube to full face snorkel mask, it’s important to know the components of a full face snorkel mask first and they include:
  - A transparent faceplate/lenses
  - A snorkel tube
  - A means to seal the components to the snorkeler’s face to prevent entry of water
  - Straps to secure the mask to the snorkeler’s head


Before even attempting to clip on the snorkel tube, ensure there’s no sand or other obstacles at the place where the snorkel connects with the mask, around the seal, and in the snorkel. Sand could prevent a water tight seal and also could cause damage to the rubber seal.
In most masks, the connection is precisely exact to the closest millimeter so as to guarantee an absolute watertight seal between the two. Attaching the snorkel to the mask is as simple as just clipping the snorkel into its rightful place. Occasionally it can be difficult for some to clip the snorkel tube all the way. One pro tip is to lubricate the rubber seal with petroleum jelly to help the tube slide easily in place. More tips can be found in the Funjet Frequently Asked Questions.
Not all full face snorkel masks are the same when it comes to configurations but usually, the snorkel will connect to a bailout block placed on the frame of the mask. When taking the tube off the mask be careful not to pull too hard on the bailout tab as it could break.


It’s important for you to note that the full face mask is usually the last component you should fit before jumping into the water. That means other components such as the snorkel should be fitted way before putting on the full face snorkel.
Should you decide to fit the snorkel or other components last while wearing your full face mask, then your field of view and head movement will be restricted. In some cases, especially for the heavier full face masks, it’s recommended that you seek the help of an expert who understands how to attach snorkel to full face snorkel mask.
Lastly, also note that most traditional snorkels are long but for some full face masks, the snorkel is a little shorter and the reason for this is to make it easier for you for you to breath.
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