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Today we are going to introduce the top three brands of snorkeling mask in 2017, if you want to enjoy snorkeling with a full face mask, and don‘t know which brand to choose, this review will help you! We have reviewed the top 3 full face Snorkeling Masks in 2017 that are out in the market to help you choose the BEST and MOST AFFORDABLE mask you could ever have! And our review is based on performance, features and price! It ultimately comes down to FUNJET vs H2ONINJA.

Still undecided whether to transition from the traditional snorkel and mask to full face Snorkeling Mask, check out our previous blog and find out the PROS AND CONS OF FULL FACE Snorkeling Mask. Find out for yourself whether this is for you! We are pretty sure you’ll get hooked and won’t regret it!

Let’s dive into the review, shall we? Starting with the best.


We all agree it is the best full face Snorkeling Mask we have ever had. Performance and features are just incredible! Not to mention the price is super affordable compared to the other good quality full face Snorkeling Masks out in the market. With just $18.3 you can turn your every snorkeling experience into a more enjoyable one.

FUNJET mask works awesome in the water. We had such a great experience using this mask. The view was very wide and clear. We wanted to say that we really appreciate that the mask didn’t fog up at all for the whole time we were out. It fits snug and tight, no leaks! Diving a few feet under was comfortable because of the ball in the snorkel that prevents water from coming in when submerged. It also has a built-in GoPro mount that let us capture our whole water adventure. The only downside we think is if you are wearing a prescription glasses, then you wouldn’t be able to get the same experience we’ve had with this mask but yeah other than that.. it is a GREAT FULL FACE Snorkeling Mask! And what‘ more, there are two earplugs design to prevent water flowing into ear, that is excellent!

This Snorkeling Mask comes in 3 different colors (BLACK, BLUE, PINK) to choose from and w different sizes (Adult, Child) that could fit even the youngest snorkelers out there, so the whole family could go enjoy the snorkeling adventure together. To know which size mask fits you best visit our FAQ with sizing information.
SECOND: H2O NINJA Snorkeling Mask

As we known, H2O Ninja Mask has similar qualities as FUNJET full face Snorkeling Mask for the most part. When we tried it, we didn’t have any issues with water leaking or coming in the mask. The fitting was nice, and with the wide mask we were able to see pretty broad view. It worked well in the water but if you are on a really tight budget this mask isn’t for you. H2O Ninja mask costs $165 for their GoPro edition which is TWICE as much as the FUNJET Full Face Snorkeling Mask which performs as good as this mask, if not better!

Another downside to this mask besides it being so PRICEY is just like the FUNJET, you can’t use it if you are wearing a prescription glasses. This mask also offers 4 different colors (BLUE, BLACK, PINK, GREEN) but only have 2 sizes option which are (S/M, L/XL). So if you are looking to buy full face snorkel for your young snorkelers, then you are much better off buying a FUNJET Snorkeling Mask!

THIRD: SEAVIEW 180° Snorkeling Mask

The Seaview 180° Mask is probably one of the innovative full face Snorkeling Masks out in the market right now. The Seaview 180° looked good because it has a rounded shape mask which we’ve never seen in a full face Snorkeling Mask before and for that reason we were convinced to give it a try and see how it performs in the water.

So off we go with the seaview mask, the masks fit us well, it came with built-in gopro mount so we were able to take great videos, we also didn’t have issues with leaks but there was one thing that we were really disappointed, after about 5 minutes of snorkeling we started noticing bad fogging up in the masks that we had to go back to the shore to get anti-fog spray for the mask.

This mask is good too but you need to have an anti-fog spray always ready. The Seaview 180° costs $80 which isn’t too bad compared to the H2O ninja mask. This mask do also offers 4 different colors to choose from just like FUNJET (BLACK, BLUE, TEAL, PINK) but  again only 2 options for sizes same as the H2O Ninja.


All three masks are great options but if you’re looking for the best performance full face Snorkeling Mask at the best price you gotta go with the FUNJET MASK.
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