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Why Choose FunJet Mask?

The Revolutionary FunJet Snorkeling Mask
There is no point arguing that there is a plethora of masks that you can use for snorkeling.  However, not all of them have the ability to offer you with the comfort, convenience and safety as compared to FunJet Mask. This is a revolutionary mask that will forever change your snorkeling experience. It has been designed to overcome all the shortcomings of the conventional masks and to ensure that you get the ultimate snorkeling experience. Once you try it out, you will wish that you had come across it the very first time you ventured into snorkeling.
No need for a mouth piece
The FunJet Mask is a full face snorkeling mask hence it doesn’t utilize a mouthpiece in any way. With the relief from biting, you are completely free to use your mouth for other things such as communicating if you have communication devices fitted in the mask. Another benefit of this great feature is that it enables you to breathe via your nose and not your mouth as is usually the norm with the other masks. Remember, very rare occasions do you get the chance to breath with your noise when you are under water.
Reduces fogging by 90%
Visibility is imperative for a great snorkeling experience. But most of the conventional snorkeling masks hinder this a lot since you have to regularly pull the mask from your face to get rid of the water. When this happens, new moist air will fill in the mask causing condensation to take place on the lens and eventually resulting into the formation of fog. However, when you use the FunJet Mask, fogging is reduced by 90% and you also get to breathe naturally under water just as you would while on land. Additionally, the mask has been designed with a Dry Top technology to ensure that there are no leaks when completely submerged under water.
Safe and comfortable
Many people find themselves fiddling with their masks trying to position them comfortably on their faces instead of enjoying the beautiful views at the ocean floors. With the FunJet Mask however, you will get all the comfort you need to go about your snorkeling experience without any hassles. It comes with safety valves that will hold tight and comfortable to your face and you will never worry about adjusting them once you go down underwater. With this level of comfort and safety, your snorkeling time will be increased by up to 50% compared to when you are using the conventional masks.

Try out this unique and specially designed snorkeling mask and note the great difference that it will bring to your snorkeling experience.