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As a company who specializes in producing the snorkeling goods.With professional technology, rigorous attitude and first-class team,we promise to provide the safe, comfortable and high quality snorkeling products for our customers.
FUNJET,as the brand of Zhongshan FunJET Sporting Goods Co.,Ltd. It launched the Freebreath mask in 2014 and it is popular all around the word. What‘s more, it brings us to enter a new area in the field of snorkeling.

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The FunJet Mask‘s full-face design has many advantages over a traditional snorkeling mask.
. Users can breathe using both nose and mouth under water. This is what our bodies are acclimatized to do on land.
. Eliminates the need to put the mouthpiece directly in the mouth.
. Increases the view angle up to 180 degrees.
. Drastically reduced fogging (compared to a normal snorkeling mask).
. Dry Top technology stops water from entering into the mask through the snorkel.
. Built in safety valves, in case of water seeping into the mask
. As a result of a natural breathing action, people using the FunJet Mask, reported up to a 50% increase in snorkeling time compared to a regular snorkel.

This is a surface easybreath snorkeling mask. As long as the snorkel (yellow part) is above water surface, breathing will be natural, as is on ground. You need to take deep
breath before going under water. Depending on how long you can hold breathe, stay under water and start breathing normally once the snorkel is above water surface. As it has dry top technology, water does not seep when completely submerged. This mask is not meant for free diving or spearfishing.